Various Committees constituted for the session 2018-19
1 Examination (CBSE/ INTERNAL / EXTERNAL) Dipak P.W I/c 1. Complete schedule of test/exam for the session (tentative) will be circulated among the students & parents for their prior information. Exam time-tables should also be informed to students & parents at least two weeks before the commencement of test/exam. 
Narendra Bohra 2. Maintain the required stationary of Examination well in advance in stock.
Babli Shinde 3. Class wise pre-plan schedule should be decided for weekly test, fortnightly test, monthly test, practice test etc. 
Surinder Kumar 4. All the required documents/materials like answer scripts, mark-slip, mark register, progress card etc. should be issued to concerned teacher in time & it should be taken back to exam department after completion of each and every test/exam.
Shobha Langote 5. Students and parents must be informed about the results of all tests & exam within a week of completion of test/examination & updated record must be kept ready for further course of action & any other related work as per the direction of principal.
K S. Bokde
Rachna, Sonu
2 B2B & EQUIP, SRP Swartha Tode I/C  
Sonu As per CBSE norms
All the Subject Teachers  
3 Time table ,leave Arrangement Sumit I/C 1. Time – table In charge& Asst. In charge will frame the time-tables as per allotment
Suman Yadav 2. To make an arrangement during the leave of the teacher.
Bhagyashree             Komal Khire I/C (Pri) 3. To prepare and inform to subject teachers about the special time – table during all holidays, breaks (Autumn & Winter) and vacation including Morning assembly time of Vidyalaya as per action plan for class X & XII
Dheeraj  4. To ensure ringing of the bell in time.
Shobha Langote 5. Any other related work.
4 Admission  Mahesh Gakre I/C  1. To plan admission procedure as per KVS guidelines.
Narendra Bohra 2. To keep ready admission forms prospectus & test plan well in advance. To issue & collect the admission registration form.
Swartha Tode 3. To Co- ordinate with exam dept to conduct tests for admissions required for fresh admission.
Komal Khire 4. To complete the formalities of admission for the session as per KVS instructions, admission register, etc.
Y.G.Dhatrak 5. Any other related work
5 Pay Bill/ Income Tax/VMC Record Dipak P.W. I/c As per need
Shailesh V Bagde
Babli Shinde
6 Discipline/Sports Shailesh V Bagde I/c 1.To plan and conduct vidyalaya regional & national level sports      activities for both primary & secondary.
Yoga teacher 2.To conduct mini sports & sports day celebrations.
All class teachers and co- class teachers 3.To monitor the discipline of students and parents.
Pooja Meshram 4.To look after safety and security of staff and students.
     Any other related works. 
7 P.A.System P.K.S.Raut I/C Perform duties as per KVS guidelines.
R.G. Kumbhare
Vilas Rajgadkar
8 NAEP/Child rights & Gender Sensitization Committee Leesha Varghees I/C 1. Plan NAEP programme as per KVS direction.
Priti Kayarkar 2. Report of conducted activities should be sent to KVS RO (Mum) for its information.
Sumit 3. To give counseling and guidance to students.
Harshita Yadav 4. To organize lecture or seminars related to the field.
Suman Yadav 6. To conduct counseling sessions during MPT and CCA Periods on Weekly basis on rotation by staff
9 CCA, preparing minutres of every Meeting/ Staff meeting register Mahesh Gakre (Sec) I/C 1.To conduct CCA activities as per CCA calander.
Maya Nishad 2. All programmes must be as per nomenclature followed in KVS.
Rajendra Prasad 3. Students growth and participation must be the key for it.
Sanjay Rajgade (Pri) I/C  
Harshita, Rama Tambe  
10 Local Purchase Committee  Dipak P.W. I/C 1. To estimate the requirements in the beginning of the academic year.
Mahesh Gakre  2. To procure the required items following the purchase procedure.
Shailesh Bagde 3. To take into stock.
All Department I/c 4. Any other related work.
11 Cleanliness and security, Quarterly Sanitation Report, Registration with IGBC R.G. Kumbhare I/C 1.To monitor the work of labour provided by agency.
PKS Raut 2.Checking the attendance of workers.
Lisha Varghees 3.Verify and certify the bill submitted by the agency.
Rajani Jiwane 4. Strictly adhere with the instruction       
Yoga Teacher     given through KVSletter No. F.110116/21/2006/KVS/HQ/works & F.220/KVS/RO/JBP/2014-15 dated 13/10/15.
Pooja Meshram  
Shobha Langote  
12 Furniture Sumit  I/c 1. To supervise the use of furniture by the students.
Dipak P. W.                 Shailesh Bagde                   Dheeraj                       2. To plan for repair & purchase of Vidyalaya furniture for students & staff in various classrooms & departments as per requirement & budget.
RG Kumbhare 3. To clear / get shifted un utilized furniture.
Mr. N.P.Umre 4. To get classroom, black boards, name boards, etc. painted and maintained
Mr.  Vilas Rajgadkar 5. Any related work.
13 Teaching Aid  Rajani Jiwane I/C 1.To plan and arrange for purchasing materials required for teaching aids.
Suman Yadav 2. Any other related work
N P Umare  
14 Activity Room/CMP/CMP News letter Sonu I/C 1.To set activity room to teach primary students as per KVS circular No.F.39-AC/2008-KVS
Dheeraj .
All PRTs  
15 Computer/ICT  Room/ UBI Online shala darpan Dipak P.W. I/C Perform duties as per KVS norms.
Swartha Tode
Babli Shinde
Maya Nishad  
16 Literary Club & Language Club and library digitization/ efforts to improve bilingual skills Swartha Tode I/C 1. To prepare a plan to create literary atmosphere in Vidyalaya.
Maya Nishad 2. To prepare class wise magazines at least one in each subject
Rajendra Prasad 3. To organize minimum two competitions/ seminars/programmes etc. based on subject.
Surinder Kumar  
17 Hindi Rajbhasha Priti Kayarkar I/C 1. To follow RajbhashaKalyanSamiti guidelines
Maya Nishad 2. To take necessary action for proper functioning of this Samiti.
Rajendra Prasad 3. To create a Hindi atmosphere & to promote usage of Hindi in daily use.
Babli Shinde 4. To keep a vigil on quarterly progress of RAJBASHA SAMITI.
ALL PRTs teaching Hindi 5. To follow all instructions of town official language implementation committee and attend its meeting.
18 Scout/Guide/Cub /Bulbul Shailesh Bagde I/C 1. To prepare S/G activity plan with tentative date & months for organizing activities.
Swartha Tode 2. To select student for cubs, bulbul, scout & guide enrolment in the month of April’16.
PKS Raut 3. To make an arrangement for proper training of the students.
Suman Yadav 4. To prepare scout & guide to participate in various activities, both internal & external competitions.
Komal Khire 5. Any other related work
19 Health Check-up  & Wellness/Medical& First Aid Shailsh V bagde I/C 1. To prepare a plan for student’s health checking twice in this session by authorized Medical Officer.
Yoga Teacher 2. To make available stock of First Aid if any accidents happen.
All Class teachers/co Class teachers 3. A special care must be taken for girl child as per their natural need, if situation demands for that.
Pooja Meshram 4. To organize expert talks related to health & hygiene
  5 Any other related work.
20 Guidance & Counselling Lisha VargheesI/C 1. Provide proper guidance to students for their future plan
Mahesh Gakre 2. Employment News, magazines and newspapers’ information should also be placed on Notice board for students & staff.
Rajani Jiwane 3. Experts should also be invited time-to-time to provide proper guidance to the students.
Shailesh Bagde 4. Keep a close contact with guidance & counseling agency for collecting proper guidance &information to students.
21 Education/Excursion/Adventure actvities Komal Khire I/C 1.To plan the excursion
Shailesh Bagde 2.To decide the place, make arrangement for conveyance
Yoga Teacher 3.Estimate the amount to be collected from students
Pooja Meshram 4.Keep the willingness form ready
  5.Arrange refreshments
  6.Any other related work
22 Publication of Vidyalaya Patrika Mahesh N Gakre I/C 1. To collect the article
Maya Nishad 2.  To edit the articles
Rajendra Prasad 3. To Note down all important events / functions etc. held in Vidyalaya.
Babli Shinde 4. To record and maintain all achievements of students including internal, external, competitions prizes won etc. in chronological order by collecting information from primary and secondary CCA I/C
Surinder Kumar  
23 EcoClub/Nature Club/Science Club /Inspire award         Lisha Varghees I/C As per instuctions received from KVS time to time.
Priti Kayarkar
Narendra Bohra
All PRTs teaching EVS
24 Integrity Club /Sadbhawana Club     Sanjay RajgadeI/C As per KVS norms
Suman Yadav
25 Morning Assembly Priti Kayarkar I/C  
PKS Raut 1. To plan the morning assembly programme  and allot the duty to concerned HM. In addition, to check the preparation of the programme before presenting in morning assembly.
Shailesh Bagde 2. Children’s birthday will be celebrated in morning assembly on his/her specific dates of birth to wish him/her.
Sanjay Rajgade 3. To provide a greeting card & toffee & all students have to wish them by presenting birthday song.
N.P. Umare 4. Any other related work
Vilas Rajgadkar  
26 RTI/PIO /Grievance Cell Mahesh N Gakre I/C 1.To periodically open suggestion box, at least once in two months
Priti Kayarkar 2.To keep a record of suggestions or grievances received from the students, staff or parents
Harshita Yadav  
KM Sherke 3.To maintain the minutes of the meetings 
27 House Master Secondary  SHIVAJI HOUSE  Perform duties as house master and associates as per KVS norms.
Rajani Jiwane
Rajendra Prasad
Swartha Tode
Narendra Bohra
Maya Nishad
Priti Kayarkar
Lisha Varghees
Puja Meshram
Suman Yadav
Yoga Teacher
28 House Master Primary SHIVAJI HOUSE Perform duties as house master and associates as per KVS norms
Sonu, Rachna
Harshita, Rama Tambe
Komal, Dheeraj
Sanjay Rajgade
29 Subject Committees All Subject Teachers including PGT/TGT/PRT 1. To analyze the performance of students & prepare further course of action plan for betterment of students’ academic performance.
2. To check class wise monthly academic performance analysis & discuss for further course of action.
3. To conduct the monthly meeting in order to check the progress of syllabus. If coverage of syllabus is not in time, a plan must be chalked out to complete the syllabus without any further delay.
4. Prepare the report on last working day of every month & submit it to Principal.
5. To keep a vigil on class wise progress of subject.
To plan activities like science exhibitions, seminars, field trips, film shows, talks, etc. related to their subject.
 To highlight the importance of each, interdependence of various subjects. 
Co relation among differents subject teachers, life history of great personality, freedom fighters, scientists, mathematicians, writers, poets, thinkers, etc.
Any other related work
30 Gardening  R. G. Kumbhare I/C 1.Maintenance of Plants.
PKS Raut 2.Arrangement for watering of plants.
Shailesh Bagde 3.Removal of seasonal vegetation around vidyalaya building from time to time. 
Sanjay Rajgade  
ALL Substaff  
31 PTA Rajani Jiwane I/C 1.To co – ordinate P.T. Meeting in consultation with exam deptt.  & the class teachers.
All Class Teachers 2. To make minutes of the P.T meeting. And maintain the records along with attendance of parents.
Shobha Langote 3.Any other related work as per the direction of principal.
32 Admission in Professional Colleges,Professional Achievers/Alumni & Record maintainance  PKS Raut  I/c As per instruction received from KVS time to time. 
RG Kumbhare
Sanjay Rajgade
YG Dharak  
33 Photography Shailesh Bagde I/C As per need and KVS Instructions.
Yoga Teacher
34 Water Supply& Electricity, Certificate of Fire safety, Building Safety,Potable water & Refiling of Fire estinguisher Mr. P.K.S.Raut I/c As per need
KM Sherke
N.P. Umare
K.S. Bokde
35 Science Exhibitions/NCSC/ JNNSE/ Science Olympiad Sumit I/C As per norms and Instructions received from KVS.
Narendra Bohra
Lisha Varghees
36 Repair Maintenance/ Infrastructure Protection Committee P.K.S. Raut I/C As per need and norms.
R.G. Kumbhare
Sanjay Rajgade
KM Sherke
37 Maths Olympiad Rajani Jiwane As per Instruction from KVS
38 Student Council R.G. Kumbhare I/C As per norms.
Priti Kayarkar
PKS Raut
All House Masters
39 Email / Website Maintenance/ Dipak P.W. I/c Prompt and timely reply of all email in consultaion and acknowledgement of Principal.
Maya Nishad Uploading of all desired material on vidyalaya website.
Rajendra Prasad Maintenance of website as per KVS expectation &  norms.
Babli Shinde  
Rachna Rathore  
40 Academic Advisory,  Sumit I/C To moniter timely completion of syllabus
Narendra Bohra  To provide syllabus and curriculam for all the classes.
41 Vidyalaya Plan, ATR on Previous Inspection, Inspection Tool, Assessment Tool Sumit I/C To Prepare Vidyalaya Plan
RG Kumbhare To Prepare ATR on Previous Inspection
K S Bokde To Prepare Inspection Tool.
42 Vacancy Position, TC Booklet, Leave Register Narendra Bohra I/C To make necessary entries in  inword register / TC Book / Leave Register
Y G Dhatrak To make necessary  entries in dispatch register
43 Staff Quarter Allotment Dipak P. W. I/C To maintain KV Staff Quarter allotment Register for inventary
N P Umare  
44 Remedial teaching record/ Cal Program Swartha Tode I/C To maintain Remedial teaching record.
Suman Yadav  
Komal Khire  
45 Condemnation & Stack Verification Shailesh Bagde I/C To prepare CS 49 and to get it from each department
Dipak P. W.   
46 PTA Rajani Jiwane I/C To maintain PTA record and register.
Dheeraj Mathur  
Rachna Rathore  
47 Awakened Citizen Programme  progress  Priti Kayarkar I/C To conduct monthly activities.
Lisha Varghees To send monthly report.
KS Bokde  
48 Tarunotsava Lisha I/C To plan and conduct the activities of Tarunotsav.
Rajani Jiwane To keep the record of Tarunotsav.
Swartha Tode  
49 Utilisation of Lab Equipments received by KVS  under Modernization of Labs  Narendra Bohra I/C All the subject teachers will record their E-class in the register. And the I/C will verify and take the sign of Principal
YG Dhatrak  
50 Utilisation / Set up of Language lab by KVS  Mahesh N Gakre I/C To ensure maximum utilization of language lab for the students.
Swartha Tode  
Maya Nishad  
Surinder Kumar  
51 Community Participation by KVS Mahesh N Gakre I/C To prepare list of activities with the Govt. School.
Rajendra Prasad To implement activities with Govt. School.
Surinder Kumar To Keep record of the same
52 AEP Suman Yadav I/C To give training to all the teachers to conduct activities under AEP.
Sumit To send qaurterly report to RO.