Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers (Updated as on the last working day of the month).
Innovation and Experimentation
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Class and subject
Learning objective initially envisaged
Learning objective realised or not
Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.
Make Changes in  Exercise and Meditation (
Some changes have been made in the exercise and meditation slokas have been shortened
Some changes in have been made in the mass PT along with standing Mass PT, some  seating exercise have been added in Mass PT)
For class I to XII
Physical Edu.
To change the M.P.T more effective & interesting
Yes, Student take great interest.
Mr. Shailesh Bagde, TGT P&HE
Make effective use of different tools available for programming to make student more logical thinker
For class XI & XII
To change to traditional approach to programming in computer language
Yes, the benefited with this